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Ismail Launches National Culture Policy 2021 That Consists Of 39 Strategies And 95 Action Plans

NewsIsmail Launches National Culture Policy 2021 That Consists Of 39 Strategies And...

Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob has launched the National Culture Policy 2021 (DAKEN 2021) yesterday (26 October) in an effort to develop the country’s arts, culture and heritage sector.

He said the DAKEN 2021 will be used as a guide and reference, and it is also in line with the efforts to make the sector a socio-economic catalyst for the “Keluarga Malaysia” (Malaysian Family) concept.

The policy is said to outline the directions to be taken for the country to become a “developed nation of cultured people” which is formulated based on the 5 principles of Keluarga Malaysia, which is inclusivity, togetherness, sense of pride, openness, and wholeness.


When launching DAKEN 2021 via a video recording at Panggung Sari Kompleks Kraf, in Jalan Conlay, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture (Motac), Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri was present at the event too.

Meanwhile, Ismail said DAKEN 2021 has 7 cores, which they are highly valued culture, community harmony, preservation and conservation of cultural heritage, cultural development and expansion, cultural empowerment, generation of cultural economy and cultural excellence.

He explained that at each core, there is consistent human capital development that includes formal arts, culture and heritage education as well as the application of non-formal education as an effort to produce successors to existing arts, culture and heritage activists.

Source: Harian Metro

He also said that DAKEN 2021 will ensure that cultural sustainability continues to be guaranteed and it is a continuation of the previous National Culture Policy (DKK 1971) in shaping national culture and achieving a united nation.

“This policy (DKK 1971) was used as a guide in shaping and maintaining the identity of Malaysia which has a multiracial society. As a result, over the past 50 years, various achievements in arts, culture and heritage have been recorded.” he said.

Nonetheless, he said the sector has great potential to generate economy in the past, and so for the future. He cited that in 2019, the sector recorded an income of RM585 million compared to RM542 million in 2017.

“The numbers are already showing convincing recovery as soon as the country entered the Covid-19 endemic phase. As a result, the government has set a revenue target for this sector at RM1 billion by 2025.” he said.

He added that the government through the tourism, arts and culture ministry will also continue to diversify efforts to increase the competitiveness, visibility and image of the country’s arts, culture and heritage sector as a core towards balanced development.

Ismail then called for all Malaysians to work together to make the policy a success and to restore the reputation of the country of “Malaysia Truly Asia”.

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