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World’s first Purple Wine from Western Australia is now available in Malaysia

When Purple Reign Classic White Blend was first introduced in 2019, it took over the market by storm. It even created hype in Asia, spreading across countries like Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

That’s not all, they managed to sell 5000 bottles within an hour in Japan last year! The good news is, they’re now available in Malaysia!

So what makes Purple Reign so special? First of all, it’s actually a ‘white’ wine made with a blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grape varietals grown in the pristine Margaret River and Great Southern regions of Western Australia. Infused with organic, plant-based natural antioxidants which gives it the purple colour and vibrancy.

Some of you might be thinking what is so special about this. Not only do these botanicals give the brand an aesthetically pleasing purple hue, but they also replace and minimize synthetic additives such as sulphites, which can be harmful to our bodies. Less synthetic ingredients means there is a chance your hangover might not be as severe. Best of all, they are bottled at 13.0% abv, which is a tad lower than other brands typically found on the shelves.

Some overall review and thoughts on the wine. On the nose, there are strong aromas of citrus, a hint of guava and floral. Upon the first sip, one could feel the sweet notes paired along with the acidity of the citrus.

Further, it’s refreshing on the palate, has a textural mouthfeel, balanced with subtle fruit and a refreshing flinty minerality. It doesn’t grab onto your throat and the finish is just amazing, perfect to pair with almost any meal.

As mentioned, Purple Reign Classic White Blend is available in Malaysia. You can purchase them at Soberland’s e-commerce site here or at Goldenwoods Liquor & Wine Store. We highly recommend you guys to try out this world’s first purple wine, they’re perfect for any occasion and the bottle alone is great for gifting! 

Link(s) to purchase: Soberland’s Website | Goldenwoods Website

Retail Store: Goldenwoods Liquor & Wine Store


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