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Nur Sajat Claims That She Was Made A Scapegoat To Distract Malaysians From Other Issues

Social NewsNur Sajat Claims That She Was Made A Scapegoat To Distract Malaysians...

On Sunday (24 October) night, Nur Sajat had made an appearance on local comedian, Harith Iskandar’s live broadcast show titled “What’s Going On Malaysia”.

In the broadcast, the transgender cosmetics entrepreneur, who was granted asylum in Australia, said she was turned a scapegoat to distract Malaysians from the other more important issues in Malaysia.

She said that she were often made the headlines by political and religious parties to sideline other more pressing issues, such as whether some imported meat was halal or not.

She also stressed that she had not cause trouble to anybody, nor had she robbed someone else.

“In Malaysia, the issues revolving around me can distract from that.” Sajat said.

She also said she felt stressed, unsafe and even had suicidal thoughts after being roughed up and molested during the detention by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) earlier this year.

She added that she had filed a police report but the matter remained is under investigation.

She also said that the JAIS officers may not understand her feelings when she was being rough up.

“The excuse was that I was physically a male, but I did not feel safe. I ran and hid myself, because I did not feel safe.” she said.

This is among the reasons for her to decide to flee to Australia, adding that she felt being more appreciated in Australia, and free to be herself. She said that Australians had been helpful in helping her sort out her accommodation and in starting up her business.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Sajat claimed that JAIS had groped her private parts when she was called in for questioning.

She added that the JAIS officers left the matter to police to investigate but the Selangor Police, Chief Arjunaidi Mohamed said Sajat only filed a report about being roughed up by the JAIS officers, not about being sexually assaulted.

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