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Is This A Scam? Netizens Are Receiving SMS From MySejahtera To Reset Password

Source: Facebook

Last week, Malaysians were left puzzled after receiving an OTP request from MySejahtera and it seems that someone had been a misusing its Application Programming Interface (API) in sending those spam messages.

In response to the matter, the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin had reassured that there had been no leakage in the MySejahtera database as a result of this exploit.

Just as we all though the matter had been resolved, netizens are now receiving SMS from MySejahtera, prompting them to reset their password by click on a certain link provided in the message.

Source: Facebook

According to a netizen, she had been receiving the SMS up to 3 times a day, prompting her to change her MySejahtera account password.

However, she had ignored the SMS and did not click on the link to change the password.

Source: NST

Meanwhile, there were several similar incidents that had are happened around, with many taking it to Facebook to obtain the opinion from the other netizens.

There were some who claimed that it was the works from scammers and they warn those who receive the SMS to not click on the link and ignore it.

Meanwhile, it can be seen that the SMS from MySejahtera were all sent from “68808” and this makes netizens wonder whether there is another security breach or exploitation in the app again.

Nonetheless, many were worried that such incidents will cause a confusion among the public, and it may even led to people being fell to scams.

href=”https://www.facebook.com/”target=”_blank”>Source: Facebook

There is a netizen who shared on how people can distinguish the real requests sent by the MySejahtera system to the fake password reset request that people are receiving.

Previously, Khairy had admitted that there had been an exploitation of the API by some users and stressed that the National Cyber Security Agency (Nasca) had completed an investigation and will take necessary measures to prevent this from happening again.

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