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Fleets Of Abandoned LRT Trains Found In Ulu Yam

Social NewsFleets Of Abandoned LRT Trains Found In Ulu Yam

A YouTuber recently found a graveyard for the old Ampang and Sri Petaling LRT trains, which is said to be replaced about 5 years ago. It turns out that the LRTs were being abandoned in an open land in Ulu Yam.

The YouTuber, Heart Patrick had posted the video of the LRT graveyard with a drone about 2 weeks ago. In the description of the video, Heart Patrick is said to have stumbled upon the LRT graveyard when they drove around the vegetable farms and serene ponds in the area.

The video then went viral on social media, with more people noticing the location and several other videos posted after that.

It is said that there are 73 LRTs left abandoned on the site and from the video, it can be seen that the trains were left abandoned for quite some time as there are overgrown plants around the LRTs.

Some even went on doing parkour on the trains and claimed that it is the actual “Subway Surfers“.

Nonetheless, Rapid KL has issued a statement in response to the viral videos. Rapid KL explained that these old LRT trains are no longer the property of Prasarana and the ownership had been transferred to CSR-Zhuzhou in 2014 as part of a buy-back programme for the purchase of the new replacement trains for the Ampang and Sri Petaling lines.


In the statement, Rapid KL also explained that CSR-Zhuzhou had confirmed the subsequent disposal of these LRT trains to a third party in 2016, which the third party then stored the trains in a private land in Ulu Yam.

Prasarana also stressed that these trains are no longer their assets or responsibility, hence, it is no longer appropriate for them to make any further comments on the matter.

However, Rapid KL did not mention of who the new owner is but it is worth mentioning that entering a private land without permission is considered as trespassing and the owner retains the rights to take legal action against the trespassers.

Meanwhile, you are able to see the Adtranz-Walkers trains which is in good condition, there is a set being put on display at the Asia Rail Centre, University Kuala Lumpur (UniKL). The LRT trains were handed over in January 2018 as part of the Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP) by the Malaysian government.

The Adtranz standard-gauge light rail vehicles (LRV) were manufactured by Walkers Limited of Australia and it served the Ampang and Sri Petaling Line from 1996 until 2016.

The trains were then being replaced by 50 CSR-Zhuzhou LRV.

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