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Food Vendors Are Boycotting This Food Delivery Service Over Exorbitant Hidden Fees

NewsFood Vendors Are Boycotting This Food Delivery Service Over Exorbitant Hidden Fees

Food delivery service had become a norm in today’s society thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that landed on Malaysia last year.

Companies which provide food delivery service has since experienced tremendous growth given the increased in demand for their service.

Nonetheless, a certain food delivery service has came under fire by several food entrepreneurs for allegedly overcharging them with exorbitant hidden fees and commission, causing the business to ended up being indebted to them.

One of the food entrepreneur took to Facebook to explain the situation, and they’ve included screenshot of the invoice they receive from the food delivery service, showing how much losses they’ve for using their service.

Source: CGTN

The vendor then commented that they will not be using the platform’s service anymore, at the same time, urging Malaysians to boycott this platform.

“It’s nice to enjoy delicious food sent to you by the service, but it won’t be delicious anymore knowing that the vendor who worked hard in preparing your meal don’t get paid for the food you enjoy.” the food entrepreneur said.

“Can you imagine that the vendors not only didn’t get their pay but owe money instead to the service?” they added.

Source: Facebook

They also explained how the platform had taken advantage of them. To begin with, the platform will charge them a high commission and include hidden fees. After all those “fees and adjustments”, the total amount to be paid becomes a negative figure, which means that vendors should pay the remaining amount to the platform.

In such incident, the business would usually chose to pay off their fees, they were forced to increase prices of their product without any adjustment period. Businesses would ended up losing their regular customers.

Meanwhile, a majority of these food entrepreneurs have decided to stand up against the platform. These entrepreneurs even plan to launch a nationwide demonstration and urge the public to boycott the platform.

Some businesses even sought to terminate their service with the platform, while others opt to boycott the service during mealtimes and on weekends. Some came up with strategic moves, which involves offering discounts on other food delivery platform.

Source: Facebook

“We don’t have an official starting date.” the spokesmen explained.

“But everyone hopes to continue protesting until the platform improves their payment system and solves other problems.” they added.

They also hoped that the platform will change their policies and be more transparent with their business partners, especially regarding rules for cancelling orders.

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