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M’sian YouTuber’s “Tangkap Basah” Prank Causes Massive Outrage Among Netizens

Social NewsM'sian YouTuber's "Tangkap Basah" Prank Causes Massive Outrage Among Netizens

Pranks, or practical jokes are among the popular content that Malaysian YouTubers produce these days.

Recently, a YouTuber, Mizan Majid came under fire for his “fake slap prank“, and the most recent one being another YouTuber, Ammar Nazhan who caused a stir in social media for his “tangkap basah” or “catching people in close proximity” prank video.

In the viral video, the YouTuber, along with the rest of his crew members decided to put a prank on 2 of their own members.

Source: YouTube

They intentionally left 2 of their friends (a man and a woman) inside their house, while the rest of them went out to buy food and meet their friends.

However, the situation escalated when 3 individuals, who claimed to be religious officers, knocked on their doors and accused them of the committing “khalwat” or “close proximity”.

The officers then asked the couple to get married and asked all their friends to become witnesses to their wedding.

Source: YouTube

Despite them insisting that they have not committed “khalwat”, one of the officers insisted on their offence with the reason that there are only both of them in the house.

Towards the end of the video, the officer informed the couple that it was a setup by their friends and both felt relieved that they weren’t actually getting married.

Scrolling through the comment section reveals that most netizens were not impressed with the prank, despite Ammar claimed that it was all for entertainment.

Source: YouTube

Netizens argued that the content displayed by the YouTuber is sensitive for Malaysian audience as they consist elements of teenagers and religion.

Nonetheless, Ammar still receives positive feedbacks from a few netizens, saying that it all depends on the perspective one is coming from.

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Watch the video of the prank here:

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