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“Not Happy, Go Back To Malaysia” SG Boss Allegedly Told M’sian Workers In A Viral Video

Social News"Not Happy, Go Back To Malaysia" SG Boss Allegedly Told M'sian Workers...

The pandemic has inevitably affected many businesses in Malaysia and many had been struggling to pay off their employees, or are even forced to lay them off. This is the same for Malaysians who are working abroad, as no countries were spared from the Covid-19 pandemic.

On 13 October, a Tiktok user, @solah5817 had posted a video showing a heated debate between his colleagues and their Singaporean boss.

The netizen also explained that the employees who have just joined the company have not receive any pay.

In the video, it can be seen that the group of Malaysian employees are asking the boss about the pending salary payments, to which the boss replied “Maybe on Thursday I let you know the outcome… I cannot say I pay or I don’t pay. I will see what I can do to help you and help myself. We must move along.”

The workers weren’t satisfy with the response and pointed out that those who have gone back to Malaysia were not paid as well.

At this point, the boss become increasingly frustrated, and stressed on his earlier point and said “You don’t (be) like that. Not happy, never mind, go back to Malaysia. I welcome you to work, but if you are not happy with me, then never mind. You wanna play politics then go back to Malaysia and do it.”

The boss also said that he’ll only pay the workers on every third week of the month and refused to put it down in black and white documentation.

Source: YouTube

The boss then stormed away from the conversation, while another man in a white construction jumpsuit tells everyone that the boss “will settle it”. He also mocked the group by telling them to “continue to record”. 

Meanwhile, AsiaOne reported that the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is investigating the issue, and the spokesperson from MOM said the matter includes a “discretionary bonus purportedly not given by the employer as well as other employment and salary-related matters.”

The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) was also informed of the incident and they had since written to the Human Resources Ministry to investigate the case as well.

It’s secretary-general Kamarul Baharin Mansor commented that a case like this should not have happened in a country like Singapore which has ratified the International Labour Organisation charter.

Meanwhile, the Malaysia-Singapore Workers Task Force has urge the government to take action on the issue too.

“We will push the Malaysian government to get their high commission to act on this matter.” task force chairman, Dayalan Sreebalan was quoted saying by FMT.

Sreebalan also said that none of the affected workers has approached the task force for help. He then advise the unpaid workers who have returned to Malaysia to file police reports to the Singapore high commission.

“From my knowledge, they are still negotiating with the employer to get their wages paid.” he said.

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