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National Digital Identity Will Be Available In Malaysia Starting 2024

The Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin said the National Digital Identity (IDN) will be fully implemented in 2024 by the National Registration Department.

He also said this initiative will not replace our identity card (MyKad) but it is instead a form of digital identification and self-authentication for individuals.

He said the IDN uses the latest biometric technology such as fingerprints, facial or iris recognition for people and will ease the citizens when conducting business online.

“The digital verification of individuals is important, to prevent identity fraud in online transactions that can be detrimental to the country.” he said during the 73rd National Registration Day, according to Bernama.

Source: The Star

Meanwhile, he said the IDN planning process will begin this year, with the National Registration Department (NRD)’s information and communication technology (ICT) system and infrastructure to be improved before they proceed with the next step.

He added that the systems and infrastructure needs to be kept up to date and safe to handle user identity verification matters through IDN.

“With IDN, review and verification of citizens who have a MyKad can be executed with ease and precision.”

Source: Malay Mail

“It doesn’t only help to smooth the process involved, what is more important, it can give confidence to the government’s service delivery system.” he said.

On the other hand, he said the NRD and Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) were developing an Mortality Data Verification System (SPDIM), which was an integration between the NRD and the Police Reporting System (PRS), and it involves 690 police stations in Peninsular Malaysia.

He said that the system will facilitate the process of verifying deaths reported at the 690 police stations and non-criminal deaths at home.

He said that the NRD would be able to confirm the death online through the system and this will speed up the process of registration and issuance of death certificates to the next-of-kin on the same day.

“Before the implementation of SPDIM, people need to wait to obtain a death certificate. However, with this system, the issuance of a death certificate can be obtained on the same day the death is reported at the police station.” he explained.

Meanwhile, Hamzah said the online services provided by the NRD have reach a commendable level, where the application only need to come to the NRD offices to verify and take the documents that have been processed.

He then described that the theme for this year’s celebration, “NRD 73 Years: Digital Transformation” was appropriate and timely, following the transition towards digital and online service transformation.

“The transition and improvement from the old system to digital has proven to be able to increase the level of security of personal data information of Malaysians, especially in curbing irresponsible activities such as identity card forgery and the ‘black economy’.” he said.

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