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Authorities Claimed “Baby Bump” Is Part Of Women’s Aurat And They Should Not Reveal It

Social NewsAuthorities Claimed "Baby Bump" Is Part Of Women's Aurat And They...

Getting pregnant under the correct circumstances is definitely a great thing to be celebrate for.

Some mothers-to-be would proudly share photos of their “baby bump” on social media to share the joy with their friends and family.

Nonetheless, the authorities had stood up to condemn this practice and claimed that “baby bump” is part of a women’s aurat or “intimate part” and it is not in line with the teachings of Islam.

This was explained by the Federal Territory Mufti’s Office (PMWP) in a article titled “Irshad Al-Fatwa Siri Ke-628: Hukum Menunjukkan Baby Bump Semasa Mengandung“.

According to PMWP, pregnant women must at all times cover their aurat by wearing long and loose clothes so as not to reveal their body shape.

“The act of showing pictures of the “baby bump” on social media is not in line with the Islamic teachings.”

Source: MuftiWP

“This will cause unnecessary moral and ethical issues.” they said.

PMWP then gave 2 different points of view from Islam where one states that the entire body of a woman is their aurat including their face and hands.

While another of their teachings state that the whole body of a woman is their aurat, but it excludes their face and hands.

Nonetheless, PMWP said that women should obey these teachings and that in order to cover their aurat, women should wear clothes that cover the entire of body and the cloth are not thin to reveal their skin.

They added that women should not wear tight clothes too, so as to not show the shape of their body.

Having said that, they advise women to not share photos of their “baby bump” on social media, nor wearing clothes that are tight-fitting where it would show the shape of their body.

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