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“Rape Is My Favourite” Netizens Slams Local Actor Over Discussing Rape Scene In Talk Show

Social News"Rape Is My Favourite" Netizens Slams Local Actor Over Discussing Rape Scene...

A local actor, Fauzi Nawawi is being slammed by netizens for discussing a rape scene involving an actress, which he was not supposed to name, in a talk show.

In the 2-minute video which was trimmed from the talk show, Fauzi can be heard saying that rape is among his favourite scenes, when being asked which villain act he likes the most.

The talk show “Rumah No. 107” was aired on Astro on Tuesday (19 October) night and Fauzi failed to consider the awkwardness of filming rape scenes, as well as the trauma that sexual assault victims face.

He also inadvertently named the actress, Raja Farah Aziz who was his co-star in the 2007 film “Anak Halal”, while boasting about how he enjoyed filming the rape scene which was deleted from the movie.

“When people say I look like a rapist, I feel more excited to act out the scene. In the film Anak Halal, there was a scene in which I was raping Raja Farah. She was wearing tight shorts and her legs were spread out.”

“The crew was all watching us, we were all sweating. I was trying my best to control my tiredness and lust.” Fauzi said, adding that her family requested for the scene to be removed.

Following the widespread backlash, Fauzi had apologized for his mistakes for naming the actress involved, as well as divulging the details of a deleted rape scene.

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Though he did not explicitly apologize for the crude language he used when dscribing the details of the scene on the talk show.

“I want to apologize to everyone that had been affected by the video, especially to Raja Farah, her husband, and her family.” the Fauzi said on Instagram with sentimental music in the background.

“When we were shooting this segment, I had asked the production staff to censor the sensitive parts because whenever we talk among men, we cannot really control ourselves, and I accidentally let Raja Farah’s name slip.”

“It is my fault, I was ignorant, and I will do better next time.” he added.

Meanwhile, Farah and her husband, Iskandar Ismail had condemned Fauzi for revealing the actress’ name and criticized the casual way they talked about the criminal act.

“I feel very vulnerable and disrespected by what was said in the clip. I hope those who were involved in the conversation will apologize personally.” Farah said in an Instagram video.

“This is disrespectful towards women … It is unnecessary in the first place… would he (Fauzi) speak to his sisters or his mother this way?” he said.

The Women’s rights non-profit All Women’s Action Society also condemned on the talk show on Twitter, saying “5 prominent people in the local media industry, talking about performing rape like it’s a kink. Rape is not a joke! And ‘pleasant’ should be the last thing in mind when talking about it.”

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