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Namewee and Kimberley Chen Banned On Chinese Socials After Launching Their New Controversial Song

Social NewsNamewee and Kimberley Chen Banned On Chinese Socials After Launching Their New...

China is known for cracking down on artistes for various reasons. The latest on being Malaysian singer-rapper, Namewee and Australian singer, Kimberley Chen after they launched their latest controversial song “Fragile” on last Friday (15 October).

Following which, both Namewee and Kimberley Chen got themselves banned from various Chinese platforms as China considered them to have insulted the Chinese people.

The song “Fragile”, or literally “Heart of Glass”, presents itself in a cutesy pink themed video. These are symbols used by the artiste to relate to China and targeted at the “Little Pink”, a term used to refer people who are fired up with patriotic zeal and try to guard China against any criticism online.

The song also touches on the sensitive topics of China, namely China’s censorship, Covid-19 and the Uighurs.

Source: Facebook

The music video (MV) as around 5 million views at the time of writing and it begin with a caption that reads “Please be cautious if you are fragile pink” following with a giant panda dancing in the background. There were several references to China, such as the leeks which represent those oppressed in the country and a flag with “NMSL” on it, which is the abbreviation stands for “Your mother is dead”, a commonly used insult.

Among the many other offensive elements in the lyrics were the line that mentions Chinese people’s love for “dog, cats, bats and civets” which is believed to be referred to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, they had criticize the Chinese leader Xi Jinping with the lyrics, “It’s illegal to breach the firewall, you’ll be missed if the Pooh discovers it.”

They’ve touched on China’s censorship and a previous issue which involved comparing Winnie the Pooh to Xi’s appearance. The lyrics also contain the term “common prosperity” which is apparently the theme of Xi’s most recent political campaign.

Source: YouTube

Nonetheless, the controversial song had caused the displeasure of Chinese netizens and both the artistes were soon removed from platforms like Douyin, Baidu Teiba and Weibo. Their previous musical works have been removed from various streaming platforms such as Tencent Video and QQ Music. Although Namewee did try opening a new account for the song on 16th October, it was being removed as well.

However, neither Namewee nor Kimberley appeared to be concerned about them being block on the Chinese socials. In fact, Kimberley has proudly responded to the matter on her Instagram and Facebook with a parody of the song.

“I’m sorry for hurting you. It’s okay to delete Weibo.” she sang, continuing with “Oh, I hear a sound. Fragile self-esteem has broken into pieces. It’s okay, I still have IG and FB.”

She then thanked her fans for their support.

Meanwhile, Namewee is encouraging more people to check out his new MV and said they have prepared for the MV for a long time. He added that there are many details worth noting in it too. He also urge people to keep pressing pause as there will be surprises.

Source: Instagram

Since then, his agency has stepped in and said the song is all about “love for small animals”. Namewee later also explained that the song is “actually very positive” and said that it is just how he love cow, sheep, pig, chicken and seafood too, adding that he thinks it is a “rich and educational” song.

Namewee is famous in Malaysia for his controversial artwork. However, he seemed to be more involved in China’s issues recently.

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Check out the music video for yourself here:

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