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Man hide tens of thousands of dollars from wife in the car’s front bonnet ended up was bitten by a rat

It’s no use crying over spilt milk. Because of wanting to hide money from his wife, a man had to accept a statement of savings worth tens of thousands damaged after being bitten by a rat.

The man hid money amounting to 45,000 Baht (RM5,617) in the front bonnet of his car and had to turn a blind eye when the money was bitten by the pest.

The item was shared by TikTok user @dyfo6zku7dh6. According to him, the man hid the money from his wife by placing the money on the front bonnet of his vehicle which was connected to the dashboard.

Perhaps he thought the bonnet of the car was a safe place, the man was shocked to find that his banknote had holes and had rat bite marks.

Like falling down the stairs. Not only biting the money again, the rat is said to have also caused damage to the man’s vehicle.


ฝากไว้นะครับสำหรับพวกที่จะเก็บเงินซ่อนเมียไว้ให้กับอีหนูมีนะครับเงิน 45000บาทน้องหนูใช้ไป35000บามเหลือเอาไวไห้ดูต่างหน้า10000เดี๋ยว5555?

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Citizens who watched the video expressed sympathy for the fate that befell the man.

It’s a pity to see the money wasted just like that, some virtual citizens suggested that the man exchange the money at the Bank of Thailand.

It is understood that the bank received a damaged money exchange.


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