Friday, March 31, 2023

There Exists Telegram Groups That Allegedly ‘Raid’ Online Meetings

Social NewsThere Exists Telegram Groups That Allegedly 'Raid' Online Meetings

The use of video calls had become the norm in today’s society thanks to the pandemic. Ever since we are forced to stay at home, video calls had been the main tool for us to conduct meetings, online classes, or even to communicate with our loved ones who are staying far apart from us.

As important as it is for the modern society, it is also very easy for a stranger to “raid” these online calls.

The act of “raiding” an online call generally refers to a stranger who enters the virtual call and starts sharing their screen which displays crude or nonsensical images or videos, sometimes even pornographic in nature. Some even turned on their microphone and shouted al the participants of the call.

While some of us might think that these incidents seldom happen, a netizen on Twitter had stumble upon a Telegram group that organises these “raids”.

Apparently, most of these “call raiders” are part of the group on Telegram, and the netizen has managed to list down at least 3 of these raiding groups.

One of the group wrote in their description, “We are pranksters not criminals. So don’t do any stupid things.”

This Telegram group, being known as “Zoom / Google meet raids” appeared to be the most active and most of its members appeared to be Malaysians.

The netizen also shared some of the conversations that are going on in the group too. She then advised the public to beware of these groups and to report them as well.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Investigation Department of Bukit Aman has confirmed that they have received at least 5 reports regarding these “call raiders” on non-physical sexual harassment, misuse of networks and spread of pornography.

According to Mstar, the police said that in one of the cases, someone was reported to have used a MOE email had shared a pornographic image. However, their investigations showed that the ID was not listed in MOE, hence, they believed that it is done by hackers.

Nonetheless, this issue poses a potential of a bigger problem, where online classes are at risk of being interrupted and the syllabus being delayed.

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