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Malaysia’s Timah Whiskey Wins An International Award, But Some Aren’t So Happy About It

Social NewsMalaysia's Timah Whiskey Wins An International Award, But Some Aren't So Happy...

The Timah Whiskey by Winepak Corporation is Malaysia’s best award-winning whiskey but they had been under fire from several parties over the different controversial surrounding it.

The first one being the product’s branding which uses “Timah” as the name of the product, where many have misinterpreted and felt that it had insulted their religion or culture.

According to the comments from netizens, many may have been confused over the word “Timah” with “Fatima” or “Fatimah”, which means “one who weans” in Arabic. Nonetheless, it is also a popular name among the female Muslims.

Source: Twitter & Facebook

Responding to the remarks, Timah explained that the word “Timah” was actually referring to “Tin” in Bahasa Malaysia.

Timah also cited the history of the brand where it dates back to Malaya’s tin mining era and it was then founded by Captain Speedy. Timah also clarify that they do not intend to stir controversy with their brand name too and stressed that the drink is meant to be enjoyed by non-Muslims.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, PAS Youth Chief, Nazir Helmi has expressed his disappointment that the award-winning whiskey was a product from Malaysia. He added that this is an embarrassment and disaster in Malaysia.

Nazir had took to Facebook to urge the authorities to close the operations of Timah and emphasizes that PAS has always wanted to the government to put a ban on the alcoholic beverage industry in Malaysia.

He also said that Islam forbids its followers from drinking alcohol, as alcohol not only harms Muslims, but it effects the entire community regardless of race and religion.

He then called upon the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) to shut all alcoholic beverage factories for good, adding that Malaysia does not require the profits made from this “non-halal” industry.


Nazir ended his statement by urging the Opposition to not treat this subject as a cheap political propaganda as these factories was already in operation when they are in power.

As of the time of writing, Timah has not respond to any of Nazir’s claims, nor had the authorities.

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