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Bomoh in Kelantan Allegedly Raped His Patient And Asked Her To Attend “Follow-Up” Treatment

NewsBomoh in Kelantan Allegedly Raped His Patient And Asked Her To Attend...

The police had arrested a 67 year-old Bomoh after he was being accused of raping a 23 year-old woman when he was giving her traditional treatment at his house in Kampung Tendong, Kelantan on Friday (15 October).

According to Bernama, the incident took place at 3 p.m., when the victim, along with her mother and future husband went to suspect’s house to seek for traditional treatment.

Pasir Mas Police Chief, ACP Mohd Nasaruddin M Nasir said the victim had arrived at the suspect’s house and have met with him. The suspect is being known as “Ayah Su”, while his wife is “Mak Su”, and both are in their 60s.

Source: NST

Nasaruddin said the victim had then entered a treatment room though the back door of his house.

“While the victim was in the treatment room alone, the suspect had asked the woman to take off her pants.”

“The suspect then rubbed the victim’s thigh before raping the victim.” he said at a press conference at the Pasir Mas District Police Headquarters (IPD) yesterday (17 October).

Source: The Straits Times

He added that the suspect also warned the victim to not tell anybody about the incident and instructed her to come again for a follow-up treatment.

“The victim, who felt cheated, told the incident to her future husband and her family before making a police report at the Bunut Susu Police Station.”

“The police arrested the suspect at about 12 midnight.” he said.

Nasaruddin said the suspect was a retiree was being remanded for a week since Saturday (16 October) until next Friday (22 October). He added that the case is being investigated under 376 of the Penal Code which the penalty is being imprisonment for up to 20 years and whipping, if convicted.

Meanwhile, he also said the initial investigation found that the suspect had previously met the victim at a shop and he said the victim that “something” was haunting her and she needs to receive treatment from him.

“The suspect is also believed to have committed the same act against other women, as he has been providing traditional treatment services since 1995.” he said.

Nasaruddin then urge individuals who had been receiving treatment from the suspect to come forward to lodge a police report.

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