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Human Fossils And Protohistoric Cave Drawings Found In Perlis

NewsHuman Fossils And Protohistoric Cave Drawings Found In Perlis

The recent findings by archeologist confirms that mankind has been wandering around Perlis since the prehistoric and proto-historic times!

Recently, the Perlis Hiking Association stumble upon a human skull and cave drawings in Perlis. This discovery had provided critical data for us to build the chronology of our country’s history by showing the presence of prehistoric and protohistoric civilization in Perlis.

The site is currently being excavated and documented by a team of researches from National Heritage Department (JWN).


According to the JWN, the archeological exploration was done for the purpose of documentation and site inventory. It is done so they are able to obtain the latest archeology data along with conducting a survey on possibilities of uncovering more undiscovered artefacts.

Meanwhile, researchers were able to determine that the bones and skull fragments found in Bukit Kerti are from 5,000 to 10,000 years ago and this explains the age of the most complete prehistoric humanoid remains found in Southeast Asia, Perak Man, who is dated to be between 10,000 to 11,000 years old.

Source: Facebook

Besides, JWN said the discovery of stone tools and earthenware in the caves near Bukit Chuping, Bukit Tunku Lembu, Bukit Ngulang, Bukit Kerengga and Bukit Changkul is the evidence that these locations were once used as settlements and burial sites for the palaeolithic and neolithic communities.

In addition, the discovery of things like votive tablets, which are used in religious and spiritual practices, also shows that the area was inhabited by both prehistoric and protohistoric communities.

The Gua Semadong exploration protohistoric cave drawings (estimated to be from 5th to 10th century A.D) that were influenced by Hindu-Buddhism.

Source: Facebook

The Heritage department said they will continue with the excavation and documentation of the skeleton at Bukit Keteri and the cave drawings in Gua Semadong.

At the same time, they urge both government and the public to support and preserve these historic sites for further research and study.

If you had stumble upon something that looks like a historical discovery, please report it to the district officers or heritage commissioner near you!

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