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Survey Finds That Malaysians Trust Doctors The Most, While Politicians The Least

Social NewsSurvey Finds That Malaysians Trust Doctors The Most, While Politicians The Least

In a recent survey conducted by market analysts Ipsos, it was found that doctors were the most trusted profession in Malaysia, while politicians were the least trusted ones.

The survey was titled “Trust in Professions“, Ipsos ranked doctors in the top spot for the most trusted professions, with 68% of Malaysians considering them trustworthy, followed by teachers at 65%, scientists at 57%, armed forces at 52% and judges at 49%.

Meanwhile, Ipsos finds that doctors were the most trusted profession worldwide too.

Based on the global results, it is said that 64% of the respondents worldwide considered doctors as the most trustworthy profession, followed by scientists at 61% and teachers coming in third with 55%.

“As the country grapples with getting the pandemic under control, all sections of society are forced to play a part in the recovery process. Trust is a key ingredient in facilitating a broad response, hereunder the trust ordinary people have in society’s leading professions.”

Source: TheRakyatPost

“More Malaysians have been interacting with the healthcare system than ever before, and it’s reflected in doctors surpassing teachers as the most trusted profession.” associate director of Ipsos’s public affairs department, Lars Erik Lie said in a statement.

On the other hand, the survey also found that politicans were the least trusted people among the public, with only 19% of Malaysians considering them trustworthy.

The second and third in the ranks were ministers at 24% and advertising executives at 26%.

Nonetheless, the results from Malaysian respondents were similar to those around the world, with only 10% of respondents globally expressed that politicians were trustworthy, followed by ministers with 14% and advertising executives with 15%.

“At the other end of the scale, politicians are the least trusted. That’s the case across the world, as well as in Malaysia.”

“Similar to health care professionals, politicians and government ministers have been visible faces throughout the pandemic, without reaping the same benefits in terms of trust in their profession.” said Lie.

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