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PAS Senator Claims That Korean Dramas Is The Reason For High Suicide Rates Among Teens

Social NewsPAS Senator Claims That Korean Dramas Is The Reason For High Suicide...

A PAS senator, Mohd Apandi Mohamad has claimed that South Korean dramas and movies are the reason why more youths are trying to take their own lives.

He said this during the Dewan Rakyat sitting on 13 October, and he claimed that these movies have a negative effect on youths because they encourage youths to consider suicide if they do not succeed in life.

“Many teenagers commit suicide, agree or not, most of them are too obsessed with movies and dramas from Korea, because all these stories must have suicide.”

“Their films are indeed high-tech there is because of all the technology, do you agree that when teenagers fail, the answer is suicide.”

“When he fails, suicide, are they too influenced by these Korean films?” he said.

He said this in response to a request made by Senator Fadhlina Sidek to fight against the mental health crisis that the country is currently facing, according to MalaysiaKini.

Earlier, Fadhlina had cited that a UNICEF report found that about 18.3% of Malaysian teens aged between 13 and 17 have mental health problems. She also pointed out that suicide was the second highest cause of teen death in Malaysia, with 51% of suicides being between the ages of 15 and 18.

Source: Focus Malaysia

“When we look at the record provided by Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) for the period between 2019 and 2020, suicide victims aged between 15 and 18 were the highest age group within the total 872 reported cases.”

“This is a waste to Malaysia when these teens, who are at a very productive age, die or are involved in suicide.” she said.

Apandi then intercepted her and commented that Korean dramas and movies could be a contributing factor to the phenomenon, to which Fadhlina has agreed that it could be one of the possibilities too.

Meanwhile, the remark from Apandi caused a huge uproar among netizens and they criticize the senator for failing to identify the main cause of suicide among teens and instead blaming it on Korean dramas and movies.

“Causes of suicide, not financial problems/family issues/mental health issues/social issues, but it’s K-drama.” a netizen said.

“And there are K-dramas that emphasise the importance of mental health, such as the drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.” another netizen said.

Netizens also asked the Apandi to do do a proper survey before talking as the issue of suicide is not a topic that can be taken lightly.

Meanwhile, Bandar Kuching Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Kelvin Yii asked “What K-Dramas he is watching.”

“But this is oversimplifying and down-playing the issue without addressing the root problem and provide the necessary support.”

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