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Panda taking a bath garnered 1 million views and the Internet is loving it

Pandas are such adorable animals, don’t you think? The internet is filled with videos of pandas doing the most mundane things so playfully that it can melt your heart in seconds.

From rolling in the grass to lazing around, whatever pandas do is just too delightful to watch. Well, we also have one such extremely cute video of a panda bathing and it is impossible to watch it just once.

In the short clip, the panda was comfortably sitting in a small round pool. It was bath time for the panda, who could be seen in an extremely playful mood as it splashed water around like a little kid while enjoying its bath to the fullest. The way the panda is having so much fun doing the most regular thing like bathing, is so captivating to see.

The video was uploaded on Instagram by an account, Your Nature Gram, which generally posts content about travel, nature and adventure. The clip has already been viewed 1.9 million times and netizens have flooded the comments with hearts and love for the panda.


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