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An Ambulance Crashes Into Proton Wira After Beating Red Light, Whose At Fault?

Source: Facebook

We all know the basics of making way for the ambulance whenever we heard the blaring siren from the ambulance. However, whose at fault if an accident involves an ambulance who beat the red light?

A video of an ambulance crashing into a Proton Wira after beating a red light at an intersection has recently went viral on social media.

It was uncertain where the accident took place, but it is believed to have happened in Sungai Siput, Perak as reported by Kosmo.

Source: Facebook

The dashcam footage from another road user showed a relatively empty road and as he approaches a traffic light intersection, a Proton Wira coming from the opposite direction can be seen turning into the intersection.

Meanwhile, an ambulance drives right through the intersection, beating the red light and then crashes into the Proton Wira, causing it to lost control of the vehicle.

The impact of the crash caused the ambulance to almost hit the sidewalk, but the driver managed to swerve it back onto the road and stop at the roadside.

The accident has cause a heated debate among netizens as to whose fault it was.

Nonetheless, most netizens were of the opinion that it was the ambulance’s fault as it had run a red light.

There were a number of netizens who pointed out that the ambulance are subject to traffic light laws and are required to put turn on their emergency siren.

There was a netizen who had experience as an ambulance driver who said that he will stop a few seconds at every traffic light so that other drivers are aware of their whereabouts before he continues the journey.

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