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Tealive CEO Responds To Netizen Who Found Cockroach In Tealive Drink

Social NewsTealive CEO Responds To Netizen Who Found Cockroach In Tealive Drink

Finding bugs in your food or drink is a turn off and it may lead you to never wanting to return to that shop again.

Recently, a netizen took to Facebook to lodge a complaint about a dead cockroach that he found at the bottom of their drink.

In the Facebook post, he claimed that he had visited the Tealive branch at Bukit Jalil around 7 p.m. to get his drink. However, he did not expect to find a “special boba” at the bottom of his nearly finished drink.

Nonetheless, Tealive Founder, Bryan Loo quickly step in to handle the matter and he said that the company’s customer service have already contacted the victim and at that time, the victim were in good health and he promised to contact the company again.

Source: Facebook

However, the victim did not follow up with the company, nor he had leave a phone number.

Despite the customer’s strange reaction, Bryan said he takes the complaint seriously, whether it is true or false, adding that he will treat all complaints fairly and an apology will be issued to the customer.

He also advise the netizen to visit a nearby clinic for a checkup and said that Tealive is willing to bear the medical bills, but they will not give monetary compensation. Bryan is also committed to cover the situation from all angles.

“Because we don’t know the truth, we will also check the closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the store.” he said. As for now, he said Tealive have done all they can to rectify the situation but they weren’t able to contact the customer again.

Nonetheless, the preliminary investigation conducted by Tealive found that the victim has checked the drink when receiving it. Bryan also believes that the cockroach was not placed in the drink by their staff.

He added that the store has standard operating procedures when handing drinks to customers, where staff are required to shake and check the drink in the cup prior to handing them over.

He also mentioned that all Tealive stores in Malaysia carry out pest control every month. As for the Bukit Jalil branch, their last date was on 17 September. During the previous visit, the pest control company reported they found a small number of German cockroaches in the store in August. However, the matter was resolved in September and they did not find any American cockroaches in said store.

Bryan also explained that German cockroaches were smaller while American cockroaches were bigger and usually appeared in homes.

“After a restaurant has finished doing pest control, large American cockroaches will not come. They have never seen such a large cockroach before.” he added.

In response to the incident, Bryan said they will be getting pest control companies to visit the site again even though there has been no evidence of any cockroaches since their last visit.

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