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KKM: Covid-19 Test No Longer Required To Enter Langkawi

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The Health Ministry has announced their decision to stop the compulsory Covid-19 testing for individuals entering Langkawi starting 12 October.

In a statement, the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin said the decision was made after they found only a low percentage of tourists who were tested positive in Langkawi.

He explained that only 0.4%, or 216 people of a total of 54,341 tourists were positive for Covid-19 from 16 September up until 10 October.

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“Only one tourist showed symptoms when in Langkawi, and was found positive for Covid-19 through a RT-PCR test. Investigations revealed that the source of infection was not in Langkawi.”

“No Covid-19 clusters were detected either from the travel bubble in Langkawi.” he said today.

Source: The Star

As a measure to strengthen self-public health measures, Khairy encouraged tourists to undergo self test for Covid-19 before embarking on a trip to Langkawi to reduce the risk of infection to other tourists.

He also stressed that only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to enter Langkawi.

In addition, individuals who are tested positive for Covid-19 and are undergoing quarantine and monitoring, or have been identified as a close contact are not allowed to travel.

As for those who showed symptoms such as fever, cough and cold are advised to postpone their trip.

“Families must be responsible in preventing the spread of Covid-19 infection. The government and the entire frontline health and safety personnel have done their best to treat and control the spread of Covid-19 infection in the country.”

“Therefore, individuals who travel interstate are advised to undergo a self Covid-19 test before embarking on a journey to protect themselves and the entire Keluarga Malaysia from Covid-19 infection.” Khairy said.

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