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Woman deep-fries husband’s pet Arowana after he fails to keep to clean aquarium

A woman decided to deep-fry her husband’s pet Arowana after he failed to keep his promise to clean the aquarium. 

The woman known as miakurniawan01 on  TikTok, shared a 20-second clip of her removing the scales from the Arowana and deep-frying it.

In the video, Mia stated that she had asked her husband to clean up his fish tank, but it fell on deaf ears.

As she could no longer stand the dirty aquarium, she decided to clean the tank on her own. 

Unfortunately, the Arowana became sick in the process and instead of flushing it away or burying it, Mia decided to make the best out of the situation by turning the dead fish into a scrumptious meal.

Mia post has been viewed over six million times since it was posted on Saturday with social media users in awe of her sizzling solution.

“My brother cried watching this,” commented user abcdefghaii.

“The most expensive fried fish,” user davicahya29 commented.

Mia responded in another post saying that her husband was sad at first but was able to laugh at the incident in the end. 

Nicknamed the “dragon fish”, Arowanas are highly coveted pets that can cost up to hundreds of thousands of ringgit, with Chinese people commonly believing that its red colour and coin-like scales are a symbol of wealth and prosperity.


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