Friday, March 31, 2023

MySejahtera now allows you to Export and Print Your Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

NewsMySejahtera now allows you to Export and Print Your Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

Yesterday (9 October), the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin has on Twitter announced that the new MySejahtera update will allow users to generate a PDF copy of their Covid-19 digital vaccination certificate.

This new feature will also allow users to print out or to attach their vaccine certificate for travel purposes.

How do you export the Covid-19 digital vaccination certificate on MySejahtera?

  1. Update your MySejahtera app (whether through Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store and Huawei App Gallery) to the latest 1.0.48 version.
  2. Go to your Profile tab in MySejahtera and scroll down to the Digital Certificate section.
  3. Below your vaccine dose details, you should find two options “Show QR” and “Generate”
  4. Tap on “Generate” to create your PDF copy.
  5. Once that’s done, the “Generate” button should turn to “Download”.
  6. Click on “Download” to view your vaccine certifcate in PDF format.

The PDF certificate will contain your personal details and your vaccination record. You’ll be able to print it on a hardcopy on a single page.

The certificate is written in both English and Malay, which makes it convenient when travelling to other countries. It also include a QR code for each vaccine dose.

Nonetheless, the authenticity of the vaccination certificate can be verified by scanning it with the Vaccine Certificate Verifier app that’s available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

According to the latest development, the Prime Minister said that Malaysia is likely to reopen its international borders very soon, and this is the same for most countries. However, travellers are required to been fully vaccinated and to present their vaccination certificate as proof.

Though the Prime Minister had not announce the details for the reopening of our international borders, AirAsia Malaysia has taken the initiative to allow only fully vaccinated individuals to be embarked on its planes.

As for individuals who receive their vaccines outside of Malaysia, you can now request a digital vaccination certificate via MySejahtera. Simply reach out to the Help Desk and select “N. I have received my vaccination overseas and would like to obtain my digital certificate in MySejahtera”. Users are required to attach a copy of their vaccine card and once approved, the digital certificate will be reflected in the app.

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