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Local Production Crew In Risk of Covid-19 Cluster after Director Found Actors with Fake Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate

Social NewsLocal Production Crew In Risk of Covid-19 Cluster after Director...

A well-known local director, Shahrulezad Mohameddin has took to his social media to express his disappointment in the actors and crew members who are dishonest and provide fake Covid-19 vaccine certificates for the sake of attending work.

Shahrulezad said this situation should not have happened and it causes trouble for the entire production team.

“Please be honest, because God will not bless those who work with the intention of deceiving others. The thing that worries me is when there are crew members or actors who are not transparent and put everybody in risk.” he said.

He added that there were rumours that some artists are willing to conspire with “insiders” from the authority to falsify their vaccine certificates in the MySejahtera application, simply for the reason that they do not want to be left out during the filming.

Shahrulezad said that his party will not be responsible if any party, including the actor or crew members, is not being honest in this matter.

Source: NST

“I don’t know what else to say when the crew members and actors are willing to cheat us.”

“When horrible things like this happen, we as producers are in a difficult position and will bear the losses due to the act of these selfish individuals.”

“Filming and production had to be halted. More infections will likely occur, and the worst is that there is a possibility of death.”

Source: KL Foodie

“Frankly speaking, there is no insurance package that is willing to provide protection if this incident happened to his production team, Radius One will not be responsible if someone cheats on us.” he said.

Meanwhile, netizens echoed the same sentiment from Shahrulezad and agreed that those who lied about their vaccine certificate should be held accountable for their actions.

A netizen also suggested to put it as a term in to contract to require actors or crew members to be fully vaccinated, and if they lied about the fact, they should face a fine or penalty.

Meanwhile, Shahrulezad expressed his gratitude to those who adhered to the policies and disclosed that they had refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19..

“Honestly, I still respect the artists or crew who disclose that they do not want to be vaccinated.”

“At least they didn’t cheat. For those who refuse to take this vaccine, I would still pray for their wellbeing.” he said.

Nonetheless, Shahrulezad was referring to the latest incident, where a crew member is believed to be infected by Covid-19 while filming around Perak.

The matter is made worse when the production company ignored the SOP and returned to Kuala Lumpur, when discovering some of the crew and actors were tested positive for Covid-19.

The company’s actions were heavily criticized by netizens and that they feared that it would bring a negative impact to the creative industry.

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Read the statement from Shahrulezad here:


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