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Ismail announced that State and International Borders will be Reopened Starting 11 October

NewsIsmail announced that State and International Borders will be Reopened Starting 11...

The Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri has in a press conference today (10 October) in a live conference broadcasted nationwide explain the current Covid-19 situation in Malaysia.

At the same time, he also announced the much awaited interstate travel SOPs for all Malaysians.

In the special press conference, Ismail explained that 90% of the adult population of Malaysia has been fully vaccinated, thus interstate travel will be allowed starting tomorrow (11 October).

Source: Malay Mail

Not only that interstate travel is now allowed, Ismail said that tourism activities will be allowed too. However, he stressed that Malaysians are required to comply with the SOPs, and to be responsible for the health and safety of our families in the hometown.

He added that if one showed any Covid-19 symptoms, they are advised to refrain from going back to their hometown first.

Source: The Star

“This interstate travel is only allowed for those who completed two doses of vaccines. Those who have not gotten both doses of vaccine or have not been vaccinated at all are prohibited from crossing states.” he stated.

Besides that, Ismail also said that the government will be reopening the international borders and Malaysians can now travel overseas without the need to apply through MyTravelPass.

He added that Malaysians who want to travel overseas for tourism activities are allowed as long as they are fully vaccinated, and that they do not need to apply for MyTravelPass starting tomorrow (11 October).

As for those who are returning to Malaysia after travelling overseas, Ismail said that they will need to follow the 14-days quarantine period.

Meanwhile, they also need to do the swab test 3 days before returning, and the day when arrived in Malaysia.

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Watch the live conference here:


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