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Johor Police Chief Promise to Investigate Cops Driving Fancy Bikes and Cars for Corruption

NewsJohor Police Chief Promise to Investigate Cops Driving Fancy Bikes and Cars...

In a recent press conference, the Johor Police Chief, Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay had spoke about the rising level of corruption in Malaysia these days, particularly within the civil service and law enforcement agencies.

In an effort to combat corruption, he has pledged to investigate and inspect the backgrounds of any police officers who own fancy and expensive vehicles.

“In the context of corruption, we don’t need to be shy or ashamed to expose them.” he said, adding that corruption should not be tolerated and must be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, he said he had personally received numerous complaints from the public regarding incidents of graft within the police force and he does not want the police force to be involved in such crimes and conspiracies.

Source: The Star

“If we conspire with them, the public would know.” he said, while explaining that the authorities must be both transparent and strict when dealing with corruption.

Ayob also explained that there should not be a way for the authorities to “kawtim” or “settle”, or be in cahoots with corrupted officers. He stressed that the police must work to sniff out those involved in corruption from every level, from top to bottom, to fight corruption.

Source: Zaim Mohzani

“If we don’t do that, then everything else is just talk.” he said.

Meanwhile, he said that he wants to look into the lifestyle, background and financial status of his officers, including their spouses, friends and personal circles to look for any discrepancies.

He also cited his own experience where he finds it odd in a few instances where police officers owned expensive cars and motorcycles.

“They’ve been working for less than a year, and they’re driving a Toyota Vellfire, I’m not sure of the price. Big bikes like Ducatis.” he said, while questioning how these officers manage to obtain the money to buy such luxurious assets.

Nonetheless, he said some higher-ups within the police force had turned a blind eye to such cases, but he wants this to stop right now.

He also said that the police force must work to uphold its integrity and had ordered the Standards Compliance Integrity Department (JIPS) to dig deeper.

“Take a close look at all the officers, what vehicles are they using, check their backgrounds in detail.”

Watch the full press conference here:


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