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Gigabyte comes out with inflatable gaming chair

Gaming chairs come in all shapes and sizes, as long as they vaguely look like a racing seat.

Your mileage may vary when it comes to comfort of actually being a chair, but it’s definitely a trendy item in the gaming peripheral space. But the latest one by Gigabyte may be finally pushing the envelope too far.

Gigabyte Germany posted a set of images of what looks like an inflatable chair on Twitter. If you squint hard enough it may vaguely look like what a gaming chair is supposed to look like.

For all anyone knows, this could be a joke item. After all, the Gigabyte does make proper gaming chairs. And like this inflatable one, many of them make use of the AORUS gaming subbrand’s name. But because it does make proper chairs, the posting of an inflatable one makes the whole situation even more bizarre.

One missing piece of information is the inflatable chair’s measurements. If it was tiny, then maybe it’s supposed to be one of those novelty phone rests that lets you sit your phone up at an angle rather than just flat on the table.


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