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The squirrel hid 158kg of walnuts in the hood of the car

A man was shocked after finding 158 kilograms of walnuts hidden under the hood of his car.

Yes, it is none other than the work of the squirrel who is quite famous for his habit of storing food before winter arrives.

Bill Fischer, a resident of Fargo in North Dakota, found a small red squirrel had stored 158kg of walnuts in his pickup truck four days after returning from the countryside.

While inspecting his vehicle, Fischer was shocked to find the hood of the pickup truck was filled with walnuts.

In short, the walnut fills every space in his car engine. He also shared photos of his car and a number of walnuts scattered on the road.

Also uploaded some images of pickup trucks along with some buckets full of walnuts on Facebook.

Fischer also shared a funny comment. “Hey, let’s get this natural Black Walnut! 158kg is available for you.

It grows naturally and is picked and selected by the squirrels themselves, more precisely the Red Squirrel, ”he said.

In one of the videos Fischer shared, his dog was also seen barking at the small intruder.

Speaking to Insider, Bill Fischer said the animal had been using his Chevrolet Avalanche as a place to store food since 2013.

However, this year is the largest collection of walnuts he has ever collected.


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