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PM: Malaysia likely to open its International Borders in December 2021

NewsPM: Malaysia likely to open its International Borders in December 2021

The Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob has revealed his plans to reopen the Malaysia’s international borders in December 2021, in view that the country will soon achieve a 90% adult population vaccination rate.

According to Utusan, Ismail was quoted saying “Yes, December is possible. It is still too early at the moment. We will open the state borders first before allowing international travel.”

“State borders will be opened in two weeks as currently 85.5% of the adults have been vaccinated.”

Meanwhile, Ismail said that the MyTravelPass (MTP) will not be required for international travel anymore when the time comes. However, he highlighted that the quarantine rules will remain.

Source: The Sun Daily

When being asked on the discussion with Singapore to allow workers to travel daily from Johor Bahru so that their lives will return to normal, Ismail said that the discussions between the two countries on the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) was discontinued by the Singaporean government..

“I have asked the Johor Menteri Besar (MB) to continue talks with Singapore on the RGL as it involves hundreds of thousands of workers who have been suffering for more than a year now.” he said.

As for the 100-days report cards for the Cabinet Ministers, Ismail said he hope no Ministers will be dropped for not performing in the first 100 days of their appointment.

He said that the assessment will be carried out to see if the Ministers had the “wow” factor when dealing with the people. He added that this will be among their Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets.

“I gave them 100 days to perform and I hope they do. Their report must also be based on the performance of their ministries. I did not set this target to sack ministers.” he said.

Ismail said that the evaluation will be based on the feedback from social media and whether the people accept them.

“I will also be grading them personally besides a committee that will be looking into it. But the people too are going to assess them. This means the people’s view will also be a factor when assessing the performance of the ministers.”

“There will be professionals assessing the ministers on social media. They do the study but I am also a keen reader of comments on social media.” he said.

As for Ismail himself, he said that no studies had been carried out on the people’s acceptance of him as the Prime Minister so far.

“It is too early to tell. Sometimes, leaders are liked during their early days in power but end up being disliked later. There are others who are disliked in the beginning but as time goes by, they begin to like them.” he said.

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