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Driverless lorry moving by itself at an oil palm plantation sparks attention

A brand new day, a brand new haunted video. It was the mystery of the self-swivelling chair in the Parliament (which has been solved, by the way) which got the attention of netizens.

And now, it’s a video of a self-driving lorry.

Ghost of an ex-plantation worker?

A 45-second video clip of a lorry moving by itself has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the lorry can be seen moving down a 20-meter stretch of an oil palm plantation without any one in the driver seat.

To make the clip even more spooky, there were also claims that the lorry was used by Japanese soldiers during World War 2.

Here’s the video:

Interestingly, the video clip wasn’t exactly a new clip.

The video first made its rounds on social media six months ago when an unnamed social media user uploaded it onto Facebook, but for some strange reasons, the video has resurfaced again recently and went viral again on WhatsApp and TikTok.

And just like the first time around, no one has an explanation for the weird video clip.

Many social media users claimed that it was just a hoax, saying that the owner of the video wanted to gain profit when it went viral the first time round.

There were also those who were genuinely spooked out, with some pointing out the fact that the lorry’s tyres were not rotating when it moved.

Over on Twitter, one user attempted to give some context to the video that has captivated Malaysians.

User @AmnRamadanaziz claimed that the video was actually shot in Indonesia, and the driver had to abandon the lorry because the brakes failed, hence it was rolling on its own.


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