Sunday, February 5, 2023

Teen Fainted after COVID-19 Vaccine Jab in Viral Video was due to Skipping Breakfast

Social NewsTeen Fainted after COVID-19 Vaccine Jab in Viral Video was due to...

The Melaka Health Department has confirmed the incident in a viral video that showed 12 year-old who fell unconscious after getting the Covid-19 jab at the Encore vaccination centre (PPV) in Klebang.

In a statement, the Department’s Deputy Director in Public Health, Dr Rusdi Abd Rahman had reassured that the teenager is currently well and he explained that he did not experience side effects shortly after being injected or during the observation period.

Earlier, a 36-second video had went viral on social media showing a black-shirted teenager suddenly felt weak and collapsed when heading to the parking lot after getting the jab.


The family members then supported him and brought him back to the PPV for further examination.

Meanwhile, Dr Rusdi explained that the the medical officer on duty had then perform a check on the teenager and found that he was in a stable condition, as his vital signs, including his blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels were normal.

“A 30-minute observation by the medical team found the teen to be in stable condition, and he was allowed to go home.”

“A follow-up call to his family found him to be healthy and active as normal.” Dr Rusdi said in the statement.

Meanwhile, the further investigations found that the cause of the incident was due to teenager being nervous, lack of sleep, and he had skipped breakfast before the vaccination.

“The teenager slept late the night before at 2 a.m. He also did not have an appetite and ate only a spoonful of nasi lemak that morning.” he said.

Nonetheless, he said the teenager has no health problems, has never been hospitalised, and never had a history of allergies.

However, Dr Rusdi said that they will continue to monitor the teenager and they also encouraged parents to ensure their children get enough rest and food before and after getting the jab.

The advice has also been repeated by Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin on Twitter.

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