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Government Mandates All Federal Civil Servants to be vaccinated by 1 Nov

NewsGovernment Mandates All Federal Civil Servants to be vaccinated by 1 Nov

The Malaysian government has made it mandatory for all federal civil servants to be vaccinated against Covid-19 by 1 November.

According to a statement released on Facebook by the Public Service Department (JPA), it is said that there are a total of 16,902 or 1.6% of civil servants who have yet to register themselves for the vaccination.

“If the civil servant fails to take the vaccine within the stipulated time frame, without obtaining an exemption from a government medical officer, then the officer may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with current regulations in force.” JPA said.

Source: NST

Nonetheless, there are exemptions to this mandate, where it will only be given on health grounds, and it has to be certified by the government medical officers.

“All civil servants are subject to provisions under the Civil Servants (Conduct and Discipline) Code of Conduct 1993.”

“Federal government employees are required to complete their vaccinations by 1 November.”

“Within this period, those who have yet to be vaccinated can walk into vaccination centres provided for by the government.”

Meanwhile, the government had required all civil servants to be vaccinated so as to give the public confidence and to guarantee a smooth provision of services.

The Office also said that this policy complies with the National Recovery Plan to return government services operation in phases.

Meanwhile, Berita Harian reported that non-compliance to this policy allows the government to impose 7 disciplinary punishments, including issuing warnings, fines, deprivation of emoluments, deferment of salary, salary reduction, demotion or dismissal.

In addition, those who were punished will not be eligible for promotion for a certain period according to the type of punishment, such as warning (12 months), fine (18 months), forfeiture of emoluments (24 months), deferment of salary movement (30 months), down salary (36 months) and demotion (48 months).

Read the full statement from JPA here:


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