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Syed Saddiq: Ministers and Deputies are making Big Bucks through Long Service

Social NewsSyed Saddiq: Ministers and Deputies are making Big Bucks through Long Service

In the Parliament session yesterday (29 September), the Muar Member of Parliament (MP), Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman had revealed that Ministers and their Deputies were given handsome wages and pensions by the government.

According to The Edge, Syed said that Ministers are granted gratuity of up to RM2 million upon their resignation, regardless of the period spend in the position.

This is paid in addition to their monthly salary of about RM55,000 a month, an official residence in Putrajaya, a plot of land in the federal administrative capital, a driver, and a holiday allowance of more than RM100,000 a year.

“If a politician has served four to five terms as an MP, even if he becomes a minister for one day, his gratuity can be more than RM1 million.” he said.

Source: MalaysiaWorldNews

“That is why I have to ask, in the current government, there are ministers who remained in the cabinet under three different administrations in three years. Will he receive gratuity just once, or separate for each time he resigns? All this must stop.” he added.

Besides, Syed said that politicians also enjoy a rather lucrative pension scheme as a lawmaker, as well as for each position he holds in federal and state governments.

“If you were to combine the different entitlements, the amount could exceed RM100,000 per month, especially if the person has served in several different capacities.”

He also explained that there are separate pension schemes for being an MP, senator, assemblyman, executive councillor, Dewan Rakyat speaker, deputy minister and prime minister, and that one stands to gain more with more positions held.

Syed Saddiq said that MPs will also receive more in pension if he serves a constituency longer.

“Many ask why there are MPs who refuse to retire even after serving for decades. The reality is, the calculation for pension is different. The longer you serve, the higher your pension.”

“For example, if you serve for six terms, the pension is way higher, because it is not static to the monthly salary received each month.”

“That is why some lawmakers refuse to retire because, in the end, their monthly pension, inclusive of all the posts they have held before, can surpass RM100,000.”

Syed Saddiq the proposed to set up a special committee to discuss the matter.

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