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Most Ministers had “Ponteng” Parliament Session during the debate on 12th Malaysia Plan

NewsMost Ministers had "Ponteng" Parliament Session during the debate on 12th Malaysia...

You’ll be punished for skipping classes in school, but apparently you won’t be punished if you are skipping the Parliament debate.

The former deputy Dewan Rakyat speaker, Nga Kor Ming has expressed his disappointment on how most of the Cabinet members were missing from the lower house when opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was debating the 12th Malaysia Plan.

According to FMT, Nga pointed out that only 5 ministers and deputy ministers were present at the debate and he said that this is not in line with the government’s aim to achieve parliamentary transformation.

Source: MalaysiaKini

“Our Cabinet is one of the biggest in the world with 69 ministers and deputy ministers. I think it’s important in the aspect of parliamentary transformation that ministers and their deputies should at least be present to listen to the opposition leader’s debate.”

“This is part of transforming Parliament, a basic code of ethics, yet it was not complied with. This morning, I feel sad. When the opposition leader is speaking, there are only five individuals from the government bloc.”

Source: FMT

“Where have the other 60 over ministers and deputy ministers gone?” he asked.

Nga then demanded the Nga demanded the chief whip of the government bloc to take action on the matter, adding that this was the practice in parliamentary democracies.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim echoed Nga’s view and he said that even he had stayed in the Parliament to listen to the then opposition leader’s speech when Pakatan Harapan was in power.

The similar situation happened 2 weeks ago too, when Anwar was speaking on the health and economic crises, when the government bench was almost empty, leaving only Padang Serai MP, M Karupaiya to lament that only the chairs were listening.

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