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Huge Fight Broke Out Near Salak South Temple Over Demolition Fears

NewsHuge Fight Broke Out Near Salak South Temple Over Demolition Fears

Yesterday (28 September), a video showing the chaotic scene outside Wong Low Shen See Chee Hew Temple in Salak South had went viral on social media.

According to the narration in the video, it is believed that the Lands and Mines Office’s decision to tear down the fence nearby the temple was the reason the fueled the conflict.

Nonetheless, the Bukit Bintang Member of Parliament (MP), Fong Kui Lun said that it was a misunderstanding between the temple members and the authorities over a roadside fence.

The operation carried out by the Office was intended to tear down the fence to make way for construction machinery to access the national school construction site beside the temple.

Source: Facebook

Following the incident, 4 people were arrested, according to the Cheras police.

As reported by The Star, Cheras Police Chief, Muhammad Idzam Jaafar had denied that the authorities are tearing down the temple but the operations were to build hoarding fence for route to a school.

Source: Facebook

The police officers were deployed to ensure the process went smoothly.

“An operation was conducted to build a ‘hoarding’ gate, which was for a lane leading to a school there. The police were called to assist the Kuala Lumpur Land and Mines office to ensure that the operation proceeded smoothly.”

“While it was underway, 30 people approached, armed with metal and wood. They then tried to prevent works from being conducted, while also attacking those on duty there.” he said.

“Police arrested four individuals aged between 19 and 50. The case is being investigated under Section 148 and Section 186 of the Penal Code.”

Meanwhile, he claimed that the video that was uploaded on Facebook were to exploit sympathy for the incident. Idzam then advise the public to not speculate, assume or come up with opinions that can confuse, agitate and threaten public safety.

He also stressed that there were no attempt to tear down any temples in the incident.

In the video, it can be seen that a group of people and the police had confronted each other, while the woman filming the stand-off can be heard saying in Mandarin “The police are hitting people! The police want to demolish our temple! Please share!”

Watch the full video here:


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