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Tidal waterfall incidents at Philippine took away visitors’ lives

Bathing in a river or waterfall will certainly provide incredible freshness due to the cool water.

Due to that, many are now seen fond of doing outdoor activities such as hiking and bathing in the waterfall. However, in fact we also need to always be sensitive to water currents when bathing in a waterfall.

Recently, a video of a tragedy at a Philippine waterfall that claimed 2 lives and caused one to drift and disappear has stolen the spotlight.

The incident happened in Tinubdan Falls, Catmon Cebu on September 26.

Through the video, several families were seen bathing in the river with fun.

What is even more shocking is when the flow of water is seen so fast in the blink of an eye. There were some people who managed to save themselves. However, unfortunately some have been washed away by the river.

It was also seen that a man in a white shirt did not have time to go to a safer area so he had to refrain from being swept away by the heavy river water on the rocks.

According to source reports, at first it was only drizzle in the area. Unfortunately, no one would have thought the water would turn brown like a flood disaster. After two minutes later, rain began to fall in the area.

The tragedy has resulted in the deaths of two young men aged 17 and 7. Another who believed their mother had disappeared was swept away.

Check out the full video below:


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