Monday, February 6, 2023

Deputy Minister caught Breaking Traffic Rules in Kelantan, Driving as if he is the King on Road

Social NewsDeputy Minister caught Breaking Traffic Rules in Kelantan, Driving as if he...

“He acts like the King despite just being appointed as the Deputy Minister.”

Recently, a road user spotted a vehicle which broke the traffic rules and it is believed that the vehicle belongs to a high ranking government official.

The 38-second chip that went viral on Twitter showed a black Toyota Vellfire overtaking a fleet of cars after it drove into the opposite lane of the double-lined road in order to jump ahead of traffic.

Meanwhile, the footage also showed how the car was being stuck behind a long queue at the traffic light before it switched on its emergency blinkers and drove into the opposite lane.

The act then caused vehicles from the opposite lane to forcefully make way for this “VIP” to jump queue to the front.

The netizen who was narrating the video was obviously irritated by what he had seen, while commenting that the driver was a nuisance to the public.

He then pointed out that car with the vehicle plate number “P45” belonged to a PAS minister.

It is also believed that the incident took place in Kelantan.

Nonetheless, netizens were quick to work and deduced that the vehicle with plate number “P45” belonged to Pengkalan Chepa Member of Parliament (MP) and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Ahmad Marzuk Shaary.

Source: Twitter

However, there is no confirmation the information is true.

On the other hand, netizens shared the common opinion that nobody should be above the law and the authorities should act immediately to bring the ones responsible to justice.

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