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Graves in Senawang Cemetery bleeds, Authorities say it’s not Blood

NewsGraves in Senawang Cemetery bleeds, Authorities say it's not Blood

On Saturday (25 September), photos of red liquid flowing at the Forest Height Senawang Muslim Cemetery went viral on social media, as netizens claimed that the graves had been bleeding.

According to Berita Harian, the Negri Sembilan Mineral and Geoscience Department said that they are still carrying out investigations on the matter.

Meanwhile, the Seremban City Council (MBS) member, Datuk Ibrahim Abd Rahman had visited the site on Saturday (25 September) with Paroi state assemblyman Datuk Mohamad Taufek Abd Ghani, MBS mayor Datuk Masri Razali and MBS secretary Mas Midyawan Yahya.

Source: Facebook

Ibrahim said that they had been briefed by a department officer on the phenomenon that happened at the cemetery.

“We were told that the cemetery was originally a swamp area filled with water and there are several ponds within the area.”

Source: Facebook

“There are rocks at the site which are red and contain iron minerals. The interaction between the rocks, water and soil produces oxide which is red.”

“That is why when the water flows around the cemetery, it is red, however it is not blood as claimed by various parties.”

“When it is seen with the naked eye, it clearly does not resemble blood.” he said, adding that this is only based on the early investigation into the matter..

Meanwhile, netizens said the blood-like liquid flowing at the cemetery could be a bad omen and had cause a stir among the local community. Many claimed that the “blood” had seep out from the graves too.

Ibrahim said the cemetery is located on endowment land and MBS has decide to temporarily close it as it was already full.

He added that they will reopen it once a new site, which is located next to it can be utilised.

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