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PM promotes the “Malaysian Family” concept on International Stage, but does not Implement it in Malaysia

Source: Malay Mail

While the Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob promotes the “family concept” to the world, the Malaysian government has yet to implement this concept while drafting the policies.

According to FMT, Penang Deputy Chief Minister, P Ramasamy pointed out that there are just too many divisive policies and practices in Malaysia that need to be rectified before the Prime Minister brings the “family concept” to the international stage.

“It is perfectly alright for Ismail to preach about the family concept, but he must ensure that it must first be implemented in the country.”

“Only then can Ismail preach to the world through the United Nations. Until then, he should focus on bringing about reforms that were promised to the opposition in the Memorandum of Understanding with Pakatan Harapan.” he said.

Source: Sinar Harian

During Ismail’s inaugural speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday (25 September), Ismail stressed the necessity of togetherness or family is paramount in resolving the problems of the world.

In addition, Ismail also said the concept of one global family has its utility in stemming the tide of the Covid-19 pandemic or the problems that are rooted in the glaring economic differences between the wealthy, the middle-income and poor countries.

Source: Herald Malaysia

Despite Ismail’s preach for a “family concept”, the Malaysian government under his lead had enforced policies that are contrary to the concept.

The latest one being the Finance Ministry’s ruling that an equity of 51% must be set aside for Bumiputera companies in the freight forwarding sector, which Ramasamy said the directive is outright blatant and racist, and it goes against Ismail’s family concept.

“In other words, non-Bumiputera freight forwarding companies must give up 51% of their share equity to Bumiputera companies if they have obtained customs licenses.”

“Ismail cannot talk about Malaysians being one great family when government agencies are hell bent on discriminating against Malaysians on racial lines in the provisions of licenses. The requirement has only been postponed and not removed.” he said.

Having said that, Ramasamy said Malaysians often looked upon the government to do the right thing, instead of dividing the Malaysia ‘family’ members by race and religion.

“Past governments failed because race and religion became the handy tools for political dominance.”

“Only time will tell how far the present government under Ismail will go with the family concept despite the deep ethnic and religious divisions.” he said, adding that even the Prime Minister has played a role in making racial and bigoted utterances in the past.

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