Monday, February 6, 2023

Khairy: Pharmacists play a Key Role in Guiding M’sians into Endemic Phase

NewsKhairy: Pharmacists play a Key Role in Guiding M’sians into Endemic Phase

The Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin has called on the community pharmacist to work closely with the government and learn from each other, as well as to guide Malaysians into the endamic phase as the nation prepares to live with Covid-19.

Khairy said that pharmacists play an important role in the fight against Covid-19 as they are the primary point of care and gatekeepers of the healthcare system.

“You are frontlining it… when doctors and hospitals, those on the front lines of healthcare are overburdened, the next in line must step in, and these are our community pharmacists.”

Source: AskLegal

“As healthcare professionals, pharmacists have a key role, not only during the pandemic, but for many years, engaging directly with the community, continuing to care for patients… we can work together in areas like preventive medicine and educating the public, not just on diseases, but also their wellness.”

He said this when officiating at a webinar titled “Reinvent Pharmacy Biz: Adapt Beyond the Crisis” by the Malaysian Community Pharmacy Guild (MCPG) in conjunction with World Pharmacists’ Day yesterday (25 September).

Meanwhile, he said Covid-19 self-test kits are an important area involving pharmacists, as they are the “proper channel” through which the public should buy the product.

He added that the pharmacists can educate the correct method to use and dispose of these kits and more importantly, provide provide follow-ups and counselling once people get their test results.

“The ministry welcomes MCPG’s involvement in engaging with and improving our healthcare system, and we are committed to seeing your profession continuing to progress in this area.”

“As this programme has so aptly put, we must now adapt and look beyond the Covid-19 crisis into all other aspects of healthcare. Certainly, there is much more we can do together.” he said.

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