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PDRM calls for a Restriction of Senior Citizens on the Road

Source: FMT

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has proposed that the government to put a limit to the issuance of Motor Vehicle Licences to senior citizens.

According to NST, Bukit Aman Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department Director, Deputy Comm Datuk Azisman Alias explains that a high number of traffic accidents on the road was due to the health conditions of elderly motorists, which often impacts their driving ability.

He added that senior citizens should undergo a doctor’s examination to ensure that they are fit to operate vehicles independently and drive on the roads.

Source: The Star

As of now, the driver’s licenses lasts for up to 5 years per renewal. However, he said the government should consider incidents where a 70 year-old senior citizen will be able to drive for 5 years and their health conditions that may affect their driving abilities.

Nonetheless, senior citizens are more susceptible to health conditions that affect their motor skills, reaction speed, and hand-eye coordination, all which are essentials for safe driving.

Azisman said diseases such as Alzheimer’s and eye problems like glaucoma are the common health issues faced by elderly motorists.

In addition, elderly motorists can sometimes be stubborn and insist on driving even when they should not.

This proposal will essentially take away the elderly’s independence and freedom of movement.

However, if Malaysia has a more convenient public transport system, these problems will be not seem as serious as it is, as it allows the elderly to continue moving around without much problem.

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