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Malaysia is developing a Token System to Help Those Without Smartphones Check-In

Social NewsMalaysia is developing a Token System to Help Those Without Smartphones Check-In

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) is currently developing a token system to help those without smartphones to “check-in” at premises, according to the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Khairy said that this system is something similar to Singapore’s TraceTogether system, where wearable token will be distributed to vulnerable elderly people who don’t own smartphones beginning July last year.

“The Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry is currently developing a token system that we can distribute to the elderly who do not own smartphones,” he said in the Parliament session on Thursday (23 September), as reported by The Star.

Source: CNA

Khairy said this while responding to Sandakan Member of Parliament (MP), Vivian Wong, who interjected and asked if the government has any plans to tackle the issue, given that there are vulnerable groups who don’t own smartphones.

Khairy added the Ministry noted that without smartphones can already check-in manually by carrying their vaccination card and writing their details in a logbook or by having family members accompany them and use MySejahtera’s dependent feature.

However, the token system will make it much easier for those in this predicament and the token device will be given free to the elderly.

Meanwhile, Khairy said the token will use ‘Bluetooth proximity technology’ which is similar to TraceTogether. It can be worn on a lanyard or carried, and its battery can last up to 9 months in a single charge too.

On the other hand, TraceTogether tokens were able to exchange signals with other tokens or smartphones running the TraceTogether app, and the data is stored for 25 days for contact tracing purposes before it is automatically deleted.

Khairy hinted that Malaysia’s token will use the same technology, but he did not specify the details, nor the timeline on when it will be rolled out.

MySejahtera has been Malaysia’s primary contact tracing tool since the pandemic began, however, it does not make use of any proximity technology but instead requires users to log their presence by scanning a QR code every time they enter a premise.

The latest update from the app has also introduced a new check-out feature and it even checks you out automatically when you check into another location.

What do you think about the token system that the Health Minister have introduce? Share your thoughts!

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