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Hidden garden & farm nestled in Bangsar is a little escape within the city

Little did we know, there has been a hidden garden & farm nestled right in the centre of Bangsar, KL.

Founded by renowned landscape architect, Ng Sek Sen (with projects such as Sekeping, KL Pac and many more under his sleeve), Kebun-Kebun Bangsar is an community farm on the hill in a residential area.

Don’t be blindfolded by its small entrance and be prepared to be welcomed to a vast land of growing crops, blooming flowers and adorable farm animals! Not to mention, entrance is FREE for everyone!

Feel free to walk around the farm and gauge at KL’s skyline where it makes you feel as if you’re in your little own sanctuary. There are even IG-worthy spots sprinkled around such as a little hidden spot where you can rest on metal benches.

Besides, be sure not to miss out on the greeneries that fill the place too and spot your favourite produce. The crops here will actually be harvested and donated to soup kitchens and the underprivileged in the city.

Be sure to take a peek and interact with the free-range animals here! Animals such as turkeys, sheep, rabbit, peacock and many more! You can purchase feed for the animals here or simply just pet them, the cows seem to be pretty manja. Wondering where to bring your little ones in the future? This is definitely the perfect spot for them to get an outdoor fun time whilst it being educational as well.

Stepping into Kebun-Kebun Bunga pretty much brings you back to the simpler times. Everything here is no doubt being managed and upkeep amicably by volunteers and donations from visitors. Hence, it is only fair that we drop a tiny donation or even more just to support this initiative.


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