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Experts says No Proof that Supplements are Effective against Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 pandemic erupted in Malaysia, you may have encountered several people promoting and selling various types of supplements, claiming that they are effective in preventing or treating Covid-19.

Recently, the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Food Science and Nutrition Faculty’s senior lecturer, Dr Khor Ban Hock has this myth and said that there is no clinical proof that supplements are effective in preventing and treating Covid-19.

Dr Khor said this in a webinar titled “Supplement and Covid-19: Do you need it?” and pointed out that if an individual practices a healthy lifestyle, there is no need to take supplements.

The webinar was organised by UMS Food Science and Nutrition Faculty, where Dr Khor said many people believe in taking certain supplements to improve their immune system and hope that it will prevent them from getting the virus.

“But the truth of the fact is that those who practise a healthy lifestyle do not need to take supplements even during the Covid-19 pandemic.” he said.

He added that several supplements such as vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C have been reported to be able to reduce the symptoms of regular flu but it can be detrimental if one excessively consumes it.

Meanwhile, Dr Khor said taking an excess of Vitamin A can affect bone health, increase the risk of lung cancer, and influence the development of foetuses in pregnant women.

Whereas, taking Vitamin D in excess can reduce bone density.

“For individuals taking too much Vitamin C, they could suffer from diarrhoea and bloating. It also increases the risk of kidney stones in men.”

“An excess of zinc can cause indigestion, diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, and also interrupt the absorption of copper in the body.” he said, while speaking to FMT.

Meanwhile, Dr Khor advises people to only purchase supplements that are registered with the Malaysia Ministry of Health to ensure the safety and quality of the products.

UMS has organised the webinar to discuss on the current issues and challenges in the development of Covid-19 vaccines, at the same time, addressing the qualms on Covid-19 vaccines that went viral on social media.

Hence, we are advised to only take supplements only when necessary or prescribed by a health officer.

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