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M’sians Calls Out to Food Insider for Inaccurate Portrayal Of Malaysia in Interview

Social NewsM'sians Calls Out to Food Insider for Inaccurate Portrayal Of Malaysia in...

The Food Insider has recently reposted a video from 2 years ago that features a Kopitiam in New York. Generally, Malaysians were proud to see Malaysian-style kopitiam doing well in the US.

However, the inaccurate information that was shared in the video had alerted Malaysians and many were quick to criticise the things that were shown and said in the video.

The very first criticism Malaysians made was related to the restaurant’s nasi lemak, where netizens pointed out that the narrator of the Food Insider video said that nasi lemak was made of white rice instead of coconut rice.

In addition, the host of the video has dug into her bowl of nasi lemak with a pair of chopsticks instead of fork and spoon.

Malaysians were obviously not impressed by this and they criticise the host for not understanding the culture here in Malaysia before making the video.

A netizen said “Somehow I just feel the owner was fooling around with the host. Gonna take hours for her to finish that rice dish with a chopstick.”

Apart from the food-related criticism, there is a segment in the video which featured an interview with the founder of the Kopitiam, Kyo Pang and her business partner, Moonlynn Tsai.

Kyo explained that she had gone to the US in 2008 for her studies and she chose to seek asylum from Malaysia as it is illegal to be gay in Malaysia, as said by the narrator.

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

Commenting on the matter, the business partner, Moonlynn said “Being rated on of the top restaurants in America, brings a lot of pride to Malaysia.”

“Since you can get hanged if you’re part of the LGBTQ in Malaysia, so a Malaysian restaurant ran by two queer women is also a statement.”

This statement then drew a lot of criticism from Malaysians and they pointed out that the comment was inaccurate and uncalled for.

“People are not angry because she’s gay, they’re angry because NOBODY GOT HANGED IN MALAYSIA FOR BEING GAY! That’s a very false statement and bringing bad reputation to Malaysia.” a netizen said.

With the video garnering several attention and criticism from netizens, Kopitiam has since then issued a statement on Instagram to clarify the situation.

“We apologise for the information provided in the Food Insider interview, and we understand the anger you guys are feeling. The video was made 2 years ago.”

Source: Instagram

“The person who provided the political commentary gave wrong info about LBGTQ in Malaysia. This person is actually a FORMER business partner who is not Malaysian and she is no longer associated with Kopitiam since the pandemic.”

They also admitted that the video by Food Insider has gave off many messages and information that was incorrect, adding that they have emailed they regarding the issue and is waiting for them to take down the video and to correct the mistake.

The statement also said the founder, Kyo Pang is always proud to be a Malaysian, hence why she wanted to introduce more people about Malaysian food that’s very underrepresented.

“The misunderstandings were NOT intended and we apologize that the video was still uploaded.”

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