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Khairy: KKM to run Pilot Programme for Digital Wristband

NewsKhairy: KKM to run Pilot Programme for Digital Wristband

The Minister of Health, Khairy Jamaluddin has announced that the Ministry will require all those undergoing home quarantine under the Home Surveillance Order to wear a digital detector surveillance wristband.

“It’s a pilot project going on where we issue a bracelet where they have to wear during the duration of the quarantine. Once this project has been piloted through the number of people we are targeting, we will see whether it is feasible or not.” he said to Bernama.

He said this after visiting the Private Covid-19 Health Screening Centre at the KL International Airport (KLIA) yesterday (20 September).

Meanwhile, he said the fully vaccinated travellers from overseas who wish to undergo compulsory home quarantine can start applying through the Home Quarantine Application (HQA) portal on the ministry’s website starting today (21 September).

Source: KKM

“The application must be made 7 to 10 days prior to arriving in Malaysia.” he said, adding that travellers arriving at Malaysia on 28 September can do so at the official website here.

Previously, the travellers’ application for home quarantine was made through email at [email protected], and this has caused over 6,000 backlog applications.

Source: Straits Times

“With the existence of this HQA portal, the management of applications can be done better. After this, no more emails. Only need to go to the MOH website, then to the ‘Home Quarantine’ section and fill in the form.” he said.

Khairy said that the approval for quarantine application will be given within 3 days after submitting a complete application through the HQA portal.

Meanwhile, the conditions for undergoing compulsory home quarantine are stated on the portal and they include a home or residence had enough rooms and toilets to ensure there is no mingling with other family members.

During his visit to KLIA, he said the move was aimed at reviewing preparations for opening of the country’s borders under the Reopening Safely Malaysia strategy.

Reopening Safely Malaysia is a strategy to revive the country from the Covid-19 health and economic crisis.

“That’s why we made preparations for the Reopening Safely of our borders. We want to see our readiness at our country’s entry points, namely KLIA, and steps that we can jointly implement, especially with MAHB, (such as) what are the safer as well as a more efficient and systematic process flow for those who want to come back to Malaysia.” he said.

He added that among the improvements that could be made at the KLIA was facilitating procedures for travellers by reducing the number of forms they have to fill up.

Nonetheless, these will be discussed at the Covid-19 Pandemic Management Special Committee level to simplify the procedures either through the MySejahtera application or by reducing the number of stations that travellers have to go through.

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