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Najib may be Contesting in the coming General Election 15

NewsNajib may be Contesting in the coming General Election 15

During the interview with Reuters on Saturday (18 September), the former Prime Minister, Najib Razak has expressed that he does not ruled out the possibility of him seeking for re-election to Parliament within the next 2 years.

He added that the ongoing corruption conviction will not deter him from contesting in the coming General Election.

Najib’s graft-tainted party, UMNO, managed to clinched the premiership last month after it was oust from power 3 years ago over the multibillion-ringgit 1MDB scandal.

Source: Sinar Harian

On the other hand, it was reported that opponents had expressed fear that party leaders facing charges could secure leniency once back in control.

Najib had been the Prime Minister of Malaysia for 9 years until 2018, was found guilty of corruption last year.

He was then sentenced to 12 years in jail over one of many cases over misappropriation of funds from now-defunct state fund 1MDB. However, he has denied the wrongdoing and has appealed the verdict.

As of now, he is still a Member of Parliament but the constitution bars him from contesting elections unless he gets a pardon or reprieve from the Agong.

Nonetheless, Najib challenged his disqualification and said “It is subject to interpretation.”

“It depends on interpretation in terms of the law, the constitution and whatever happens in court proceedings.” Najib said.

Asked if he would contest the next elections due by 2023, he said “Any politician who would want to play a role would want a seat in Parliament.”

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