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Libresse withdrew its vulva-inspired Advertisement after Religious Body’s criticism

Social NewsLibresse withdrew its vulva-inspired Advertisement after Religious Body's criticism

The “Know Your V” campaign was run by Libresse Malaysia for almost a year now and it aims to encourage women to understand their bodies and break the taboos of “getting to know your vagina”.

The advertisement had even won the “Best Ad in Personal Care & Health” at YouTube Works for having the most creative, compelling and effective campaigns for YouTube advertisements.

However, Libresse Malaysia recently finds itself in hot waters after a religious body in Malaysia criticized the brand for its focus on the vulva.

The YADIM Muslim Women’s Council (MAYA) has recently took to Facebook to call Libresse Malaysia out and demanded them to withdraw the “Know Your V” campaign immediately.

The Chairperson of MAYA, Dr Safinar Salleh said Libresse Malaysia has in the campaign show the woman’s private part on the brand’s advertisement designs and this is considered as an “exploitation of women’s bodies”.

She then said that the promotion undermines the dignity of women, degrades them and also violates the norms of decency in Malaysian society.


“Displaying the vulva motif openly on clothing, packages, bags, origami and other items, is not acceptable in our culture nor allowable according to our religious values.” she added.

The statement ended with a demand to Libresse Malaysia to withdraw the campaign from all channels of print, digital and social media.

In response, Libresse Malaysia said “As an inclusive brand we value every voice, we are actively engaging with the community members who expressed their views and shared their advice with us.”

Since then, Libresse Malaysia has taken down its “V-Kebaya” promotion from its official website.

Meanwhile, netizens said they’ll still choose Libresse Malaysia’s packaging over the advertisements that are circulating on social media these days.

Another netizen joked that those who objected the campaign cannot eat nasi kerabu because of its resemblance to the bunga telang (clitoria ternatea).

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